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7 International Market Entry Level Strategies

7 International Market Entry Level Strategies

Becoming a part of the international market is the only way to expand the business quickly and make things better. It can help the companies increase their reach, approach, and service area. The most important thing that should not be avoided by a businessman is the increased risk factor. It is the biggest reason that’s why everyone has to make sure they are choosing the secure ways to make things possible.

Here, it also becomes important to choose a perfect method for entering the international market. In this blog, you can get introduced to different methods or options that you can choose to be a part of the international marketplace.

Ways To Enter International Market

1. Brand Franchising

Extending business and establishing it in a new market is not easy for anyone. Before commencing business activities, all individuals have to focus on the availability of resources. For all companies, it is not possible to visit a completely new place and commence the business quickly.

Here, the interested ones have to look at some other options, such as – franchising. Some individuals may face a lack of proper knowledge about the franchising system. The followings are some major factors.

  • Firstly, you have to establish the business successfully and create a brand image.
  • When you become a brand, then everyone wants to join your business family. Here, they can run your business outlet in their names by investing their own money. It can help you in establishing the business in another country without messing with anything.
  • In the case of a franchise system, the franchise holder has to pay a specific amount of money as a fee to use your name, identity, and fame. Rest earning things depend on the company’s rules & regulations. Some companies get a cut from the profit as well.

It is the easiest way to become a part of the international market and start building a reputation globally. Many individuals consider it as a successful source for setting business at international levels. As we know, all good things have some bad as well. While following the franchising plans, you have to compromise at some stages. You cannot make all the business-related decisions in the new place with such a method.

2. Direct Exporting

If you are looking for a simple method that can help you work in the new market, you can pick the direct exporting option. Here, you have to deal with buyers directly in the new market. It means you are at your own actions. It is also true that you cannot run a business directly especially in a new market without proper knowledge about that place or anything else.

In the case of direct exporting, you need to appoint and work with some distributors and agents. Hiring local agents and distributors can help you in making lots of things better, such as – understand local marketing conditions, get details about local businesses, information about competitors, and much more.

3. Partnering Up

Partnering is also a great solution or strategy to enter the international business marketplace. With this particular method, you have to make a partner in a new country to establish your business and strike the market. Making a partner can help you in getting someone who has an equivalent risk of failure and responsible for all things as you are. Here, your new partner will also invest funds to establish the business in that particular area.

There are many countries or regions available where you cannot work or establish a business without a local partner. Having a local partner can make lots of things better, such as – more understanding in the local market, higher connectivity with markets, knowledge about culture, and much more. All these things are ensuring the business’s success as well.

4. Joint Venture

A joint venture is a type or modified form of partnership. When two companies or people from different countries come together by forming a new company, it is considered a joint venture. In these conditions, a new company or operation will come into existence and both companies are also free to resume their previous operations separately.

5. Buying Another Company

In case you are looking for an easy option that can help you in avoiding the hassle of establishing the business, then you can go with this option. All you have to do is buying a new company that functions in another company. With one consideration, you can become a part of the global market.

  • In this method, you have to buy shares of the company only.
  • You will get an existing customer base and a brand image.
  • If that country has some strict rules and regulations for new companies, you don’t have to worry about anything, you can simply ignore it.
  • It can help you in creating a different brand image in another country.

In this particular method, you have to spend more money as compared to some other ones. It happens due to the goodwill and establishment of an existing company.

6. Piggyback

It is a tricky strategy that can help you in entering the international marketplace indirectly. In reality, here your products and services are available in the global market but you do not. You have to get data regarding some domestic companies in your country that are dealing in the global market and have a good reputation.

You can contact these companies to offer your products and services in the market where you cannot reach them. It can be possible by establishing some good relations with other businesses.

7. Licensing

Licensing works similar to the piggyback method. In this particular method, the companies have to sign contracts with other companies in another country to own your products for a period of time and market it.

Final Words

The selection of the right one cannot be an easy task. It requires lots of research and analytics. The most important thing that you have to worry about is suitability. All methods may not be perfect for your business. The selection of the wrong international market entry-level strategy can lead to some losses or you may face failure in the new business plan. To keep everything perfect and issue-free, it is good to discuss everything with some international business experts. An expert can listen to your business idea and get all ideas, and then give suggestions accordingly.

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