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How To Choose Import Export Company Name?

How To Choose Import Export Company Name

Commencing an import-export business is not easy. It requires lots of research, market analysis, competitor inspections, and much more. All these activities are useful in gathering lots of data that can be useful in preparing a good base for the business establishment. Before all these decisions and operations, the interested ones have to focus on choosing an impressive name. All business people have to make sure they choose a perfect business name that can represent the business perfectly.

Tips To Choose An Impressive Name Perfectly

Choosing a business name is not as simple as picking any name randomly. It needs proper research, inspection, and study of several elements. In case you perform activities without focusing on all factors, then you may come up with a wrong name that may not be perfect for your business. Here, you can get some major tips to make the task easier.

1. Person Name

The easiest way of choosing the name of a company is the person’s name. There are many world’s leading companies, or organizations are named with the founder’s name, such as - Toyota, Honda, TATA, Walt Disney, and many others. It is a great option for people who want to establish a private business firm.

While choosing a company name with this particular factor, it becomes easier to protect it. No one can sue you or take any action to claim your business name and reputation.

2. Acronyms

Acronyms methods are useful in shortening the full business names into a few letters. Mainly, the companies are using these types of names as an alternative to their registered names. In the case of some businesses, companies mention acronyms in legal documents. There are three major ways to set up such kind of names, such as -

  • Acronym for a full company name
  • Abbreviated occupations and place names
  • The first letter of the name

It provides lots of advantages, like - makes your company more convenient and concise while dealing with clients.

3. Business Products

If you establish an international business with a completely new industry, you can choose the product name as your business name. It helps in showcasing your domination and monopoly in the market. Along with it, you can dominate the competitors as well.

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4. Descriptive Adjectives

It is a commonly used method of choosing a business name. Mainly the companies are trying to showcase themselves as the best and more valuable. The business owners are putting effort into reflecting the aspirations, such as -

  • Evolving business philosophy
  • Evolving credibility and trust
  • Raise the aspirations lead
  • Luck, success

With the help of these types of names, you can easily describe the company’s nature.

5. Nouns

In case you are looking for something different and unique, then you can get help from the nouns. It provides a separate identity.

6. Foreign Languages

Some people want to get a completely different feel in their company name. These people can pick the option of foreign languages. In these conditions, you should not forget to check the meaning of the decided term in different languages.

7. Wordplay or Abstract Name

It is a specific technique where the company founders are using a unique term as the business name that has no meaning. These types of terms are created with wordplay, combining two different terms, etc. These types of names are useful in getting something different that can be easy to call a brand.

Final Words

These are some major techniques for choosing a perfect name for your import/export company. Along with all these things, you should not forget some basics, like - your name should be easy to protect from copyright claims, it should be simple, it should not sense negative, the similar domain name is available or not, and much more. It will be useful in making the right decision only.

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